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Ecological Products Treadmill Home Walking Intelligent Folding Quiet Electric Multifunctional Fitness Equipment Multifunctional 5-inch Blue Background Black Letter LCD Screen/Suspension Shock Absorber

Elegant appearance, sophisticated heart.

2.5HP high Seiko motor with high horsepower, more powerful, quieter.

Hydraulic slow folding, effectively reduce the space required for storage to 0.5m2 only.

Upgraded cell phone/Ipad mount, allow you to enjoy the sensual pleasure in sports while running.

Interconnected machine, cell phone and bluetooth electronic scale, monitor in real time to feedback precise exercise plan.

6-drive interactive shock absorption system, convert the kinetic energy of each area into heat energy or other energy, effectively reduce the resonance amplitude, isolate and decompose the high-frequency impact force between the human body and the running belt, thus achieving the shock absorption effect and effectively caring for moving joints.

Gas spring added, relieve the impact on knees and reduce the noise more effectively.

Hi-Fidelity Bluetooth speaker; enjoy relaxing music while running.

Dual-horn design, give you the 3D surround feeling.

15-stage stepless gradient selection, give you experiences of different scenes.

Handrail, heart rate and 5" oversize LED displayer, know your motion state in real time, so as to help you to adjust the exercise plan.


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