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6 Reasons You Should Do Sit-Ups Every Day

Jan. 06, 2022

With all the workout options available today, the simple sit-up may seem outdated. But there's a reason this classic exercise keeps popping up in workouts. Crunches can help you build a strong core to prevent injury, improve posture and enhance athletic performance. Fitness equipment manufacturer XIANGYI gives you six reasons why sit-ups are great.

1. Build muscular endurance

Crunches train your abdominal muscles to use for long periods of time, resist resistance contractions and lift weights. It primarily builds muscular endurance. Muscular endurance is not exactly the same as strength - it's more about stability and support than it is about strength. Training your slow-contracting muscles will improve your endurance and allow you to push your body for longer periods of time.

2. Improve your posture

Sit-ups will enhance your core strength, which will provide benefits in your daily life. For example, the core strength you develop from regular sit-ups will help you develop healthy posture. Good posture requires balanced and strong muscles around the spine to provide equal support for your body. Good posture is not only attractive; it is essential for good health. 

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3. Reduce the risk of injury

Your core is your body's shield against injury; strengthening it increases support for the rest of your body and reduces the risk of injury. 

Strong, flexible trunk muscles have also been shown to improve recovery time. Compared to historical controls, the group of firefighters who underwent the core training intervention had a 42% reduction in the propensity to sustain injuries. Time lost to injury was further reduced by 62%.

4. Burn calories

Because sit-ups target many parts of the body, they burn calories at a much higher rate than similar exercises. These numbers vary by age, gender, weight and exercise intensity. 

If you want to know specifically how many calories your crunches burn, you can use an online fitness calculator.

5. Improve athletic performance

All athletes, from experts to beginners, can improve their game by strengthening their core. 

Many movements in sports use muscle power chains. A well-developed core can transfer energy and power to the chain more efficiently while protecting the body from injury.

A solid core produces better results: balance , stability, strength, and coordination.

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6. Change the sit-ups

Whether you need to strengthen your sit-ups or challenge yourself with more demanding exercises, you can find plenty of sit-up variations. Changing things up will also help prevent boredom and burnout.

One way to make sit-ups more challenging is to do them on a balance mat or stability ball. You can also supplement your weight with free weights or an exercise ball. You can also try using ab exercises to perform sit-ups on an incline.

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