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How to Lose Weight with A Vibration Machine Correctly

Dec. 18, 2021

Most of us want to lose weight, we just don't know the best way to do it. Fitness-focused vibration machines have become the latest fitness fad, but the verdict is still out on their actual effectiveness.

A vibration machine is a device that vibrates strongly at a fast frequency. The vibration of the platform (where you stand, FYI) forces your muscles to contract to counter the vibration, theoretically burning calories in the process. Your muscles will pulsate and contract, and you will use them to keep your balance and work your core group.


The Basics

Vibration machines are related to, but not the same as, vibrating belt machines. When they first appeared, many people thought they were similar to those belts that wrap around our abdomens, but these devices are fundamentally different from each other.

One of the biggest differences between a vibration machine and a vibrating belt is that a vibration machine can work your entire body. Vibrations can reach 30 to 50 vibrations per second, which is a very powerful force. Your body's constant effort to maintain balance will trigger your muscles to work rigorously. Of course, the more your muscles work, the more weight you can lose. As we mentioned above, you need to stay active on these machines to see any tangible weight loss results.

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How to use a vibration machine

Fortunately, aerobics exercises do not involve any training equipment. Most of them are rhythmic exercises that fall into the weight training category. Some of the most common aerobics exercises are sit-ups, push-ups and squats. The following is a list of some of the ideal aerobics exercises you can perform on a vibration machine.


Isometric Squats

Stand on the machine and hold its handles so you can balance. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Once you have obtained the correct position, bend your knees and squat down. Do this until the floor is parallel to your thighs. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds, then return to the original position. Rest for a few seconds, then repeat.



Place your hands on the platform of the vibration machine. Lie down and extend your legs behind you. Only your feet and hands should support your weight. As you do this, make sure your hips, heels and shoulders are straight and aligned. Bend your knees and lower your chest to the surface. Make sure you tighten your core as you do this.

When your chest is almost touching the platform, pause for a few seconds and push back to the original position. This is the proper way to do push-ups on a vibration machine. Of course, there are many more exercises you can try with a vibration machine. If you are creative enough, then you can make full use of this tool.

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There are some things you need to consider before learning how to use a vibration machine to lose weight. For example, if you suffer from a physical condition such as back pain, exercises that involve vibration may cause you harm. Therefore, to ensure your safety, consult your doctor to determine if it is okay to use a vibration machine.

If your doctor gives you permission, then you can use this machine (along with supplemental strength training) as part of your training and weight loss program. Exercise with care and balance. Mix strength training, high intensity and low intensity running, and other types of light exercise.



A vibration machine can come in handy to help you shake those extra pounds off, but keep in mind that these devices by themselves do not allow you to satisfy and trim yourself. These machines are not your "godsend" solution to weight loss - think of them as free equipment that will keep you fit and give you an edge in the battle against bloat!

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