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Home Space Walker Elliptical Exercise Fitness Equipment Elliptical Machine X-823

Home Space Walker Elliptical Exercise Fitness Equipment

Product Description

Two-way magnetic control flywheel, quiet and low noise, using high-quality steel, uniform force, sufficient inertia, and smoother rotation. Non-contact resistance mode; magnetic control resistance, better riding experience, safer and more stable fitness. 8 levels of resistance are adjustable, and the resistance of the car can be adjusted according to personal needs, simulating up and down slopes, highways, flat ground, undulating roads, etc., while exercising endurance while consuming excess fat. Equipped with large anti-skid pedals, not only is it suitable for all kinds of people's shoe sizes, but also in the process of use, it can have more adjustment space, making the exercise more effective. Real-time heart rate monitoring, you can easily monitor your exercise heart rate, and reasonable exercise intensity is more effective. One machine for multi-purpose whole-body exercise, treadmill + stepper + elliptical exercise three-in-one, whole-body exercise, knee joint protection, continuous optimization just to bring you a better exercise experience. Adjustable cushion design, suitable for the whole family

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