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Indoor Cycling Bike XY-113 Luxury Intelligent Magnetic Control Exercise Bike Home Fitness Equipment

Integrated magnetic control and mechanical resistance.

Product Description

Intelligent magnetic control indoor cycling bike; integrated magnetic control and mechanical resistance.

Two intelligent resistance control modes; precise and rapid; more effective body shaping.

Uniform resistance; smooth motion.

Magnetic control without noise; more comfortable exercises.

Get rid of traditional brake pad friction resistance; upgrade magnetic control resistance; 0 contact maintenance-free permanent magnet; quiet and smooth; more comfortable movement.

The flywheel runs inside, which is safe without hidden trouble. The built-in flywheel makes riding more worry-free, safer and quieter.

Multi-triangle load-bearing stable design; scientific triangle load-bearing, more in line with the ergonomic design in sports; not necessary to worry about sports injuries caused by improper design; able to protect knees effectively.

Multi-riding position adjustable; suitable for the whole family and different heights.

Designed with wheel; easy to move even by young ladies.


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