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Spinning Bike


Owning your own exercise space at home is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Create a home exercise space equipped with your preferred fitness equipment, allowing you more freedom to train at the time and method you want.

Spinning bikes are designed to help you meet your weight-loss goals. They offer a full-body workout while focusing on major muscles such as the thighs, calves, abs, hips, and shoulders.

Spinning bikes can be used for interval training, as you can combine high- and low-intensity workouts, which in general greatly improve your metabolism. They allow your body to burn more calories even when you are not technically training.


1.Stepless resistance system, felt resistance brake pad, pressing button, timely and convenient braking.

2.Electroplated stainless steel flywheel - flywheel is the standard to measure the feeling of exercise bike. The heavier the flywheel, the greater the inertia and the better the riding effect.

3.Sliding wheel, convenient for handling.

4.Aluminum alloy pedal, artistic, solid and durable.

5.Well designed, allow you to enjoy the exercise and ride willfully.

If the training includes aerobics and/or studio-style classes, then the essential equipment you should definitely consider adding to your setup is an exercise bike. But which one should you choose?

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